Terraclean Mist In-Car Air Quality

In keeping up with the up-most quality and technology ADVANCED AUTO DIAGNOSTICS now offers the Terraclean In-Car Air Quality Mist service to eliminate mold, mildew, bacteria and odors causing micro-organisms that can affect your health. The Procedure takes about 45 minutes to perform and stays effective for up to 12 weeks. This service is suggested to be performed at least twice a year (pet owners and tobacco users, service is suggested every other month). Not only does this treatment sanitize your cars A/C it also eliminates foul odors caused by humidity, cigar smoke, food, pets, ETC.

ADVANCED AUTO DIAGNOSTICS is proud to offer our clients the latest ecofriendly HVAC service to insure you’re circulating A/C vents are free of all pollutants. In Miami where the heat is usually unbearable throughout the year we tend to continuously travel in our vehicles with the windows closed that is why we investigated the best way to clean your system at a reasonable cost. Call us today to inquire about pricing and schedule your appointment. If cabin filter has not been changed we strongly recommend to take advantage of the cleaning and replace you’re A/C filter at the same time.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional In–Car Air Quality Cleaning System
  • Converts an anti-microbial liquid into a nano-droplet mist that flows through your HVAC system and cabin.
  • Highly effective treatment for mold, mildew, bacteria and other odor causing micro-organisms that can affect your health.

MIST is an interior ventilation sanitizing service that disinfects and sanitizes your interior, removing any mold and bacteria, making it a healthier environment for you and your passengers.

Fact: Mold is present in all vehicle’s A/C system and interior surfaces.

Fact: The health effects particularly on children, pregnant women and the elderly are well documented.

Fact: Mist has won awards from popular mechanics, PTEN, and motor magazine top 20 tools for effectiveness.