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At Advanced Auto Diagnostics, we are especially product of the high-quality offerings we provide to your treasured Ferrari because we know how precious it is to you. We offer all kinds of services related to your Ferrari:

Heating And Cooling Systems

Advanced Auto Diagnostics is equipped with sophisticated tools and equipment to diagnose all problems related to your Ferrari’s heating and cooling system. We are equipped with Robinair machines to provide you with an environmentally proposition, while relying only on high-quality refrigerant or Freon to do the job. We handle all kinds of problems with ACs, so you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of experts with us.

Preventive Maintenance Of Your Ferrari

We work hard to ensure that your Ferrari gets all the fluids it needs, whether it comes to adding brake fluid, coolant, engine oil or transmission fluid. We use fluid that meets all manufacturer specifications to ensure optimum performance of your Ferrari. Choosing proper oils and fluids will ensure that every part of your car is properly lubricated at all times. Any service from Advanced Auto Diagnostics comes with a warranty because we have all the necessary licenses to do a professional job on your vehicle. We also pay close attention to the filters in your Ferrari because they may need to be cleaned or replaced based on manufacturer specifications. Keep in mind that dirty air filters will prevent sufficient airflow, which may force your Ferrari to consume more gas than necessary.

Diagnosing Check Engine Light Problems

A check engine light is designed to warn you if something is wrong with your Ferrari’s internal system. When your check engine light turns on, it could be because of faulty ignition coils, poor sensors, vacuum system leaks or engine fuel problems, among others. We combine years of experience with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and get to the root of any problem.

Electrical Components

Modern day electrical systems in Ferraris are complex, so we look at all aspects related to your electrical system. Some examples are:

  • Battery: Checks for connections, cleanliness, charge and programming.
  • Cables: Eliminating corrosion and dust.
  • Alternator: Checking for charge, connections and belt tension.

While these are examples, keep in mind that we service all electrical components of your car, whether it is related to locks, wipers, headlights, power windows and more.

Steering And Suspension

Ferrari cars have been made with high-quality engineering and precision. We use sophisticated tools and technology to repair all types of damage to your steering and suspension, so that it goes back to normal. We replace tie rods, struts, ball joints, control arms and much more because they are likely to wear out over time. If you are facing any air suspension faults, then rely on us to do extensive research to get to the source of the problem. When repairing faults within the steering and suspension system, we employ high-tech equipment to make sure your Ferrari feels like it did before.

If your Ferrari is in need of repair, then be sure to trust the professionals at Advanced Auto Diagnostics. Give us a call today at 305-985-6358 and find out how we can assist you with repairing your Ferrari.

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